Fallow Ground

“Maybe you’re in a time of fallow too. Maybe you’re supposed to be deepening and nourishing your roots right now even more than doing any particular thing, so you can bear fruit when the time is right.”   from Nourished by Lia Huber 

Man oh man did those words ring true to me last week. Huber’s friend gave good advice about what’s going on behind the scenes in fallow ground for plants and fallow ground of our souls. I’ve been in the fallow ground….for five months now I’ve been at home with crazy back issues. Have you been there too? Maybe it’s not a back issue that’s keeping you out of work. Maybe you feel like fallow ground because nothing that you had hoped would be happening ‘at this stage in the game’ is happening right now. Maybe you feel like fallow ground because you’re living Groundhog Day over and over again and it seems the children still only hear Charlie Brown’s teacher coming out of your mouth.

If you are in the fallow ground season know this…..it is a season. It doesn’t last a lifetime. Fallow ground has to happen so that the trees can make crazy delicious fruit IN THEIR SEASON! It’s Summer as I write this and oh my there is nothing like crazy delicious food right from the garden. Too ripe and you gotta give it time. Too late and it takes a bit yuck. But produced in just the right season, after just the right nourishment, it. is. divine.


  1. Hilary Deskins

    I just now found this entry. Not sure why I missed it earlier, but right now was the perfect time for me to read it. Fallow ground….this, too, shall pass.


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