The Nature Fix

Have you hopped on the aromatherapy bandwagon? Are you on Team Young Living or Team doTerra? Why do we find ourselves surrounded by aromatherapy everything?
I think we live in such a hurried world that more and more we are seeking ways for everyday luxury, ways for slowing down and ways to add self-care into a routine we can manage. For me a simple everyday luxury is to run lavender through my diffuser, it just makes me smile. My husband could care less about it, but for me that little puff of air and those calming lavender whiffs are just the treat I’m looking for.

Turns out there is science behind why we love scents from nature and the calming outdoors. I recently read The Nature Fix by Florence Williams and followed a few of the steps for engaging with nature more. We’ve added a few house plants inside, listening to nature playlists to relax, and make an intentional effort to spend at minimum one hour outside everyday.


Kind of wild what just  5 minutes of green can do for our brain and how happy we feel!

I wildly suggest her book or you can also listen to a quick recap and steps to put into action from this podcast, By the Book. The podcast is “half reality show, half self help” as Kristen and Jolenta share how living by The Nature Fix affected them while moving, while traveling for work and has some fun ideas of simple ways we can get a little nature fix in our lives.

How do you get your nature fix? Do you sneak away on lunch breaks to walk outdoors? Do you sniff on a bottle of eucalyptus oil? Share your ideas here we would love to learn some great tips from you!







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