Dog Days of Summer Deodorant DIY

Last Summer my mother-in-law introduced me to a LIFE SAVER. Seriously, a life saver.

Homemade deodorant. She visited a family member who had just finished up a 60 mile bike ride and boasted, “Come smell my armpits.” Are you intrigued? Maybe a little grossed out too? Yep, me too. But yes, this homemade deodorant could stand the test of some 60 miles and still going strong. She whipped up a batch for me and I was soon after hooked.

The recipe calls for baking soda which of course helps with bacteria and stink, but also can be mega hard on some skin types. So, experiment with it. If you’re anything like me I tried the first days of it when I knew I’d be at home and could withstand the stink until I got the mix just right. I have found that my personal chemistry reacted strongly to the baking soda with an itchiness and so adding a bit more arrowroot helped to keep me from burning. You can use a little less baking soda too.

Homemade Deodorant 

6 tbsp Coconut Oil

4 tbsp Baking Soda

4 tbsp Arrowroot Powder

10 drops Lavender

10 drops favorite Citrus Oil

In a glass jar, mix the baking soda and arrowroot powder together until well blended. Next, add coconut oil and mix together well. Finally, add oils and mix until cream is well blended.

May this homemade deodorant life save help you survive the dog days of Summer… now let’s jam with those arms up in the air and armpits stink free my sister!


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