My Favorite Podcasts

If we hang out for long you are sure to hear me talking about what I recently heard on a podcast. I am kinda obsessed. I listen to podcasts when I’m driving my daughter to and from. I listen to podcasts while I do chores around the house. I listen to podcasts when I’m at the gym. I’d listen to them while eating green eggs and ham.

Here are some of my favorites for ya to check out:

by the book By the Book is hosted by Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer. The ladies share what self-help book they’ve read, the steps suggested, and the outcome in their lives. I love to learn with them, laugh with them, and feel as though they’ve become friends. Greenberg and Meinzer share very personal things from their lives, have guest appearances with their hubbies and truly try to consider all walks of life. LOVE! (just a heads up, some episodes to contain explicit language)

bridgetown Bridgetown teachings are from Bridgetown Church out of Portland, Oregon. “In Portland as it is in heaven.” I make sure I download each week’s teaching and always get some nuggets to apply in my life. I love the variety of teachers available and especially the occasional female bringing the truth.

simple show The Simple Show led by Tsh Oxenreider has been one of my long time favorites. Oxenreider has a variety of co-hosts that join to deep dive into subjects, share what’s saving their lives and share a good simple conversation with a friend over a cup of joe.


This year I have been all about learning my Enneagram type so Typology became a fast favorite. Have you dabbled in the Enneagram? The basic breakdown is 9 types of personalities, but unlike many personality tests the Enneagram truly helps you to not only identify and learn about yourself, but how to live in the most authentic way. I love that the Enneagram also helps you understand where you tend to lean in stress and in strength. This has helped me IMMENSELY in catching my tendency to get whacky, emotional and all in my self analyzing head in stress….wait a minute I see what’s happening here. I’ve nowhere near mastered it, but I can now catch some of those early warning signs and put effort to call it out for what it is.

What podcasts do you love? I’m sure I’m missing out on a ton of other soon-to-be favorites. Leave a comment, tell us what podcasts you love to tune into.

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