30 Day Kindness Challenge…Join Me?

Have you ever read The Kindness Challenge by Shaunti Feldhahn? I picked it up from the library last week and IT. IS. AWESOME! Shaunti  (you can find her easy at shaunti.com   soo cute) is honest, hilarious, and an ambassador for just being kind. Seems simply doesn’t it? But is it really?

The Kindness challenge claims:

“can make your toughest relationships better and your good relationships great!”

I decided I’m willing to give it a try as I think kindness is contagious and a much better way to live than grumpy pants.

Wanna join me? Here’s the Kindness Challenge in a nutshell:

  1. Say nothing negative about your person; either to them or about them to someone else.
  2. Every day, find one positive thing and tell them; affirm them and share that positive thing about them with someone else.
  3. Every day, do a small act of kindness that will matter to your person.

Ready?! Let’s select our target and ride this Kindness Wave together. Leave a comment or follow along and share your journey too. I’m guessing we are going to run into some tough days when nixing the negative feels impossible, some days when we might be nearing bedtime and forgetting our act of kindness, and so on because you know what? Kindness takes intention.

So let’s start August right…..Select your person. And let’s spread kindness like crazy this month….I’ll share my journey with you and can’t wait to see who joins in with us!

(Shaunti.com has an option to order the book or simply join in on The Kindness Challenge and receive daily emails with tips, reminders, and yada yada 🙂 )


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