Nix the Negative

Challenge Accepted. Are you joining us here and spreading intentional kindness the next 30 days?  You can click here to read about the simple 3 steps of the challenge.

Step One: Nix the Negative….when I first read that I thought that it would be pretty easy as I don’t consider myself to be a negative person. However… when the author of The Kindness Challenge breaks down all the sneaky little ways negativity creeps in….ouch.

thinking to yourself ‘this will be hard’, exasperation and pointing out other’s mistakes, sarcasm, grumbling, you hurt me so I can hurt you, suspicion and catastrophizing

Any of those step on your toes? Man oh man that pointing out other’s mistakes and exasperation were quite painfully shouting at me. I’ve been learning more about the Enneagram this year and being a type one (Perfectionist or Improver) I am quick to point out what was done wrong or could be better. Yikes…..that’s what I’m gonna be spending the next few weeks trying to break those negative habits. I’m trying to praise what was done well or the effort put into the task vs. harping on what wasn’t done to my standard or the way I would have liked it to be done.

What negative habits are you trying to tackle?  I’d love to hear how your kindness challenge goes throughout the month. Feel free to leave a comment below at LEAVE A REPLY. Also, you can FOLLOW the blog to receive emails whenever a new post is published.


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