What makes you feel special?

Today is Day 3 of the Kindness Challenge; try to articulate what makes you feel special. What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel cared for?

Maybe when your friend sends you a card just because you feel special. Maybe when your hubby opens the car door it makes you feel loved and cared for. From small to larger gestures it really can vary what makes us feel valued. How often do we express gratefulness to that person for their care shown?

Take time today to tell someone about what they do for you that makes you feel special. And hey while we are at it, why not do something special for someone as well!?! Kindness can be contagious….like those crazy dandelions, give it a simple whoosh and it spreads out everywhere before you know it! I’d like to see kindness doing the same thing all around us.

You can join us throughout August as we spread love through the 30 Days of Kindness Challenge. You can find more here. Please share your journey, I’d love to hear from ya’ll on nixing the negative, sharing praise, and serving others in acts of kindness.

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