What I’ve been Reading lately

I am a 100% bookworm. I really have been a lover of words since I was a child. My mom has the sweetest picture of me in my nightgown reading a book out loud with my brother in bed beside me in his jammies playing with his plastic toy gun. If you know me and the family you know this is spot on true and perfect picture. Love ya bubba.

About two years ago I rediscovered the library as an adult. As a kiddo we went often and did things like Summer Reading program and activities, but when did I forget about it? My dad shared with me about the Louisville Free Public Library’s website (click here if you are local in Louisville or do some searching of your city’s library they are likely to have a similar setup) where you can build a reserve wishlist and they will email/text/call to let you know when ready to pick up at your desired location. SCORE!!!! Seriously we used to spend sooo much money on books because I crave them and pound through about 50ish per year. Now with the library these last two years or so I only  buy the absolute favorites so not adding clutter to the house and yet still digesting books like its nobody’s business.

All that to say, hmmm…what have I been reading lately?

The Gospel comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield

I heard about this book from Bridgetown church and their series on eating and drinking like Jesus. Butterfield brought a lot of tough truths that her and the family are truly living out in their neighborhood and truly opening their doors daily.

Strangers to Neighbors and Neighbors to Family.

So simple and so profound. I’ve truly paused to take a deeper look at do I know my neighbors well enough to love them well? One of my greatest takeaways;

Hospitality from Greek is Philoxenia; Love of the Stranger.

It is the simple act of listening to what Jesus had to say, love the Lord and love your neighbor. Not just the ones you enjoy hanging out with. Not just the ones who are friendly back to you. How do we love the neighbor that is difficult? How do we love the neighbor who has the constant frown? One day at a time. Lord increase me in love.

What are you reading lately? Leave a comment for us with your favorite book that’s been whisking you away this Summer….



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