Speaking Hard Truths

Today our Pastor spoke from James on confession and bringing dark things to light. He said, “sometimes we have to drag darkness out into the light.” Yuck.

Sometimes the hard truths are no fun to deal with. During this 30 Day Kindness Challenge I’m having to be honest with myself about how irritated I can become sooo easily. Why does it bother me that the dishes clink so loudly when my daughter washes them?  Couldn’t I just as easily do the dishes myself? Sure….or I could let her do the dishes her way on her dish day. On my dish day I’m welcome to do them however I please. How much better if I could celebrate having a daughter who doesn’t complain about it being her dish day and just puts on some jams and gets them over with. Why do I get irritated when my hubby is loud on the phone? Couldn’t I just go in another room while he finishes up that work call or step outside to give them the time and space? How much better if I could celebrate how hard my hubby works to provide for us and leads his staff with integrity.

The hard truth that I’m confessing is that in the dark of my own mind I am more negative than I want. I often critique and criticize instead of celebrating the things I love about these awesome people in my life.

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. I’m hoping this 30 Day Kindness Challenge helps build a lifetime habit for me; nix the negative, praise the positive and act with kindness. How are you doing? How are you surrounding yourself with kindness today?

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