Make Space, Make Stuff

Have you watched the new show Making It with Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler? O.M.GOODNESS! I love it! What a great idea of two great hosts that are hilarious, (the duo was awesome as Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson in Parks and Rec) joined by makers from all over and a competition between them to earn patches and a grand prize of Master Maker. I’m hooked!

I had not spent a lot of time crafting in the last few months, but I have plenty of craft supplies. Why not Monica? I could come up with plenty of excuses, but I know that for me if my stuff is readily available, the space is easy, then I am more likely to make stuff.

For most people, an orderly environment helps them feel more energetic, more creative, and more cheerful. —-Gretchen Rubin

I re-arranged the guest bedroom closet (which had basically just been storing crap anyhow) to better organize and house my craft supplies. Bring on the Order, Bring on the Calm and Creative Juices!!!!

I’m more likely to use my sewing machine having it housed on a table. I used a hanging shoe organizer to sort my yarns by color for looming. And there was lots of shelf storage to sort magazines, crafting paper, fabrics and sewing projects all with their own homes.

Do you have a simple closet that you could re-purpose into a craft closet? Do you have limited space, but a better way to use it? Sometimes just wandering around your house and questioning if the space can be used for a grander purpose  can give you the aha idea! If you can  prioritize where supplies live and sort them in an orderly way, then you might be more apt (like me) to actually use that space to sit down and make stuff.

Show us your re-purposed areas? Or your hobby room? Do you have one of those elaborate craft rooms? Do you have a small closet like mine that makes a large crafting section? Does outer order bring inner calm and creativity for you?

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