Leftover Coffee Grounds>>>DIY Hand Scrubbing

In our house we still love the good ole fashioned coffee pot. At work, yes I totally get the merit of a Keurig or similar machine for individual tastes and quick servings. At home, we each drink 2 mugs or so each in the morning, one for home and one for to go, at minimum. I’m saddened every night when I empty the remains of the day’s coffee grounds only to dump them in the trash and refill with new grounds for tomorrow….groundhog day over and over.

I knew I wanted to make something with this daily item that felt so wasteful. I started saving the grounds in the fridge and wish I had a nickle for every time the hubby or my daughter opened the lid to investigate and with disdain inquire, “What is this?”


After a little pottering around on Pinterest I found plenty of ideas for the daily grounds that needed an additional purpose.

3 ingredient DIY Coffee Ground Hand Scrub, YES! Thank you Mom Unleased!

Y’all it is soooo easy. If it’s a weeknight and you’re exhausted from the daily grind you can (and really should) take less than 5 minutes in the kitchen to whip up this easy DIY self-care item.


1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup coffee grounds

1/2 cup brown sugar

Truly you just use equal parts of the 3 easy ingredients, but I found that these 1/2 cup measurements filled up my jar perfectly. You can use any jars you have around the house, a tupperware containter, whatevs. I had this gorgeous jar that was just about gone from bath salts as a Christmas gift….so….a little washing…a little washi….and ta-da!

This little guy is gonna hang out by our kitchen sink. What better way to delight in post-dish duty than with this hand scrub that smells like coffee, coconut, and heaven had a baby. Whip up a batch for yourself and you will see what I mean…..it’s the simple things in life that can be our everyday luxuries!

(Important to note:you may use fresh coffee grounds for a dry recipe or I used leftover grounds which makes for more of a wet scrub and best stored in the fridge during warmer months.)

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