Pom Poms Everywhere

Your life is your art. What are you creating today?

I’ve been on this pom pom everything kick for quite awhile now. I’ve hot glued them on my journals, I’ve attached them to mason jars, and now I stitched them on to a stripe tee.

You can pick up fun trims at just about any craft shop in tons of colors, variations and sizes. Annika Victoria does a series of Make, Thrift, Buy on her YouTube channel. Her projects inspired me to look at thrift finds and how I can personalize them to my aesthetic. Here’s her trailer to get you pumped up to create:


I love my striped tee and have already worn it with a pair of dark cropped denim. You can create your own in less than one Netflix show. I nabbed this Americana navy and red stripe tee at Goodwill for $1, yahoo and then I went home to the magic making…

  1. Simply grab a simple tee from your closet, your Goodwill, etc. I highly recommend a tee that is a little a-line cut or tunic so that you can stitch on a trim and not having it pulling on the hips.
  2. Sort through your craft supplies or stop by a craft shop to purchase a pom-pom trim in color of your choice. Even better if you find a trim with a little stretch or elasticity to it.
  3. Line your trim on the bottom of your tee, use pins to keep a straight and even line all around front and back. Don’t pull too taught, but rather keep a little on the loose side.
  4. You can use your sewing machine or I just sat in front of the TV (watching Amy the documentary on Amy Winehouse) and hand stitched my trim on with matching thread. Ta-da! Easy breezy….

Here are a few other Pom Pom lovers sharing why it’s the trend to get onboard with and how to infuse into your closet:

Style report by Caroline Pirozzolo from Her Campus  and lots of accessory ideas from Bonnie’s Mixed Tape.

What do you think of the pom pom frenzy? Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe that bring the pom pom fun? What are you creating lately?

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