Going all in ‘Grand Canyon’ Style

Once there was a little girl who woke in her bed on a lazy, drizzly morning. She stretched her arms high above her head. She yawned big and loud with great exclamation. She sauntered over to the window to look out and see those big droplets crashing down on the windowsill. She glanced upward at the dark, gray and storm-cloud-covered sky.

“Daddy, what do you have planned for us today,” she asked her Father.

Can you transport yourself back to that space in memories? That time when as a child you woke each day curious what your parents might have in store for you. There was a time when we approached each day as magical whether rain or shine. There was a time when we greeted the day with childlike wonder and anticipation that something great was bound to happen. Sometimes those great things came about because our parents had organized a play date with a friend as a surprise. Sometimes those fantastic days came about because our parents left us a blank schedule to play in our rooms with our imaginations, our dolls, our coloring books, or outside in the dirt driving toy trucks through the ruts left by the garden hoe.

I’m trying to get back to that place. I’m seeking to ask one question each morning,

“God what do you have planned for me today? “

And then I have to listen.

And then I have to wait a bit.

Sometimes it’s clear that I have my normal routine of work, meals, family, chores, etc. Of course. But what does he have planned for those activities, Who does he have planned for me to engage with? Who does he have arranged for me to listen to? What does he want me to hear, see and feel from him today?

This has led to some beautiful moments. I was leaving the gym one day and wandering out slowly with that after-workout noodle-like, exhausted and exhilarated feeling. I thought of my childlike question, “What’s next in the plan God?”

He brought to my mind a neighbor friend that I had a conversation with recently and she expressed interest in the schedule of a class our gym offers. I turned around and went back in to grab the schedule sheet. When I got home I didn’t even unlock the door, but walked over to her house with the schedule and my gym bag. I had never been in her home, but that day she greeted me with a smile and, “Please, come in and visit a bit.”

You guys, we sat there at her dining room table, she gave me the tour of her home and the projects she had accomplished, she boasted with joy of the family art she showcased on the walls and we enjoyed one another’s company for a sweet hour.

The point is, I almost missed that moment. I almost missed this time of sharing life with this widow who was happy to have company in her home and the pride of a guest to see her collections of life gathered through the years. Normally I would have breezed out of the gym thinking about the air conditioning in my car, sped home, dropped off my gym bag and been quick to hangup my swim gear so as not to mildew.

What happens when we slow down to see who God has for us in the day? We get to be included in a surprise he had planned for that day. We get to enjoy a play date that our Father had coordinated for us and hoped we wouldn’t be too busy and miss out on it.

Bob Goff is a hero of mine who seeks to live love out in everything he does and to everybody always, (especially to difficult people) listen to what he has to say in this transcript from Jen Hatmaker’s podcast For the Love:

Bob:…I think He loves to see His children at play. So, what I’m trying to do is with a lot of focus and intentionality, figure out what are the things, not that are gonna work, but what are the things that are gonna last. That narrows it down a whole bunch for me, ’cause a bunch of things that I used to do, I’d be hoping they work. I haven’t met many people that are hoping it crashes and burns, but I’ve done a bunch of things that have actually worked but they didn’t last. I’ve done a bunch of things that didn’t work at all. But what I’m trying to not do is over identify with the things that didn’t work, but to just say, okay, new Bob. And I’m gonna carve this new groove in my brain. If you want to continue all the things you’ve been doing, like be old Jen, old Bob, just keep doing all the things you’ve been doing.
But if you want to be this new creation, you need to carve this new groove. And then, here’s the trick, you need to go “Grand Canyon” on that new groove…

​Jen:  Just go for it.

Bob:… and the way to go Grand Canyon is involves some risk. And for each of us, God doesn’t compare what He creates. What He does is He creates all of us and He says … I think even the disciples had the question, like what’s our job?  In John 6 He said, “Your job is to believe in the one God sent.”

Jen:  That’s right, right.

What does it look like to be a new creation daily? Or a new creation in the next season God has planned for us? Kids trust their parents because they have their best interests in mind. How good our Father is to us and how far down the road he can see. He delights when we trust him, seek him and let him mold us into the next version of ourselves. Becoming bright, shiny and new day in and day out.

What does it look like for you to go “Grand Canyon” style? How do you walk in childlike faith asking what He has in store for you?

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