Let Justice Roll

Let justice roll like a river,

Like a river let it roll.

I just melt into prayer and tears every time we sing this song at church. The lyrics prick my heart for the hurt we see each day. I always see a montage in my mind of the depressing news reels, painful stories I’ve heard all week, and my heart just hurts…

You can listen to it here…https://sojournmusic.bandcamp.com/track/let-justice-roll

On days when the world feels so broken, On days when we feel overwhelmed with hard things all around us, On days when we aren’t sure if we are doing enough or what we are doing even matters at all; be encouraged. God is still on the throne. I can still remember the day in my teen years when we as a church learned about the indiscretions that had taken place and a staffer was leaving their spouse and church to continue a relationship with another married staffer. I can remember questioning if anyone in authority could be trusted. I can remember being concerned about the world I knew around me falling apart a the drop of a hat.  I can remember as a young lady feeling confused, questioning all around me and finding comfort in the beautiful reminder of;

But the LORD is in his holy Temple; the LORD still rules from heaven. He watches everyone closely, examining every person on earth. Psalm 11

I hope those words bring you comfort too. The Lord still rules from heaven. On some days it may not feel like anyone is in control. On some days it may feel as though he spun the world up like a kid with a toy top and then let it go and into a frenzy. On some days it may look as though there is injustice, inequality, and hate everywhere we turn.

On every day the Lord still rules from heaven.

Your image bearers on the earth

will never know how much they’re worth

Unless we love and help them first

And show the way to YOU…

We join him in bringing the river roll of justice in the simple and profound way we show others that they are made in his image and he is still ruling from heaven. I’m thankful to rest in that today. I don’t have to go conquer all the wrongs and evils of this world, my Father has that under control. He is still on His throne and I just get to help point the way for someone else to see him in the way I love them. It’s not a bad gig he’s invited us into.

the Lord still rules .jpg

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