Friendship on Purpose

Remember how easy it was to meet a new friend on the playground as a child? At the park this week my friend’s little boy walked up to a kiddo he didn’t know, started to play on the toy with him, and before we knew it the kids were posing together for a picture together with new friend’s momma. Wow, quick buds huh?

Remember how easy it was to meet a friend everywhere you went as a kid? Every other little human seemed approachable to you.

When did that change? When did we forget that we are all created in the same image of God? When did we build up these barriers? When did we start to question ourselves? When did we start to write false stories in our head or whatever kind of self-defense mechanism we each create?

One of my goals for 2018 was to ensure that I gave myself a weekly coffee date with a friend. I’ve tried to make plans with friends I’ve known for ages and friends I’ve only recently met. Some of those coffee dates have been a little slow to start, some of those coffee dates have been hours long yet flew by in a nano-second of catching up and sharing deep places of our hearts. Friendship takes work. It’s not work like a job with challenges, stresses and all that. But Friendship does take work in planning our schedule, making others a priority and coming to our time together ready to be fully present and really connect with the person across the table.

I came across this awesome blog post from Boston Mamas all about nurturing adult friendships. So good ya’ll. Hop on over to their great list and see what you are already doing and maybe some steps to put into practice in your adult friendships. Here was one of my favorites;


“Life is busy, and staying in constant touch with friends can be incredibly challenging. Tradition is important to help bridge that gap between talks or visits. If you know you have a special tradition with a friend—it can be as simple as a place you like to eat together, as involved as a trip you take together each year, or just a shared history to which you’re able to refer back—tradition helps glue the friendship in times of absence.” –Paige Lewin of Tess & Ted Interiors

What about your adult friendships, how do you find time to keep up with all your girlfriends? One of my out-of-town friends always does Sunday Night phone calls to catch up with friends and family. Routines can be a nice way to ensure we find time to do the things we want to do. What about making new friends? Have you found friendships in unexpected places as an adult?

I’m looking forward to hearing your words of wisdom so leave a comment or link to your favorite posts on Friendship. Our friends sure make life all that much sweeter!

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