Walking in Kindness

I remember the day I decided I wanted to get married. I was 17 years old. I was working at Pier 1 Imports and loving almost every minute of it. One day a sweet elderly couple came in and were slowly walking up and down the aisles. She walked with a cane and he walked right alongside her with his arm supporting her lower back and her purse on his arm to take the weight from her. I watched the back of them as they walked ahead of me down the aisle. As I filled in everyone’s favorite Ginger Peach pillar candles a little tear trickled down my cheek. I desired to one day be loved and cherished with a marriage of kindness like the one I was seeing modeled in front of me surrounded by wicker furnishings. I still remember that day and I still remember the joy and warmth in seeing kindness shown to another.

I want that kindness to ooze out of my life as well. I want others to see kindness and maybe have a tear of desire for more of that in the world around us.

I read an email devotion this morning that challenged me to ask in my next interaction, “What would be kindest thing to do here?” That is not typically a question I ask myself or choose to do. I’m normally going so fast on auto-pilot that my reaction just happens without much thought and for sure not after a reflective question that takes effort. So, I’m gonna try it. I’m gonna try to ask what would be kindest. How do I act out of kindness when I’m wronged by another? How do I speak out of kindness when my daughter has on her sassy-pants attitude? What would kindness look like in my reaction to the hurried pace all around me?

What would be the kindest way to react to whatever you’re in right now? If we can take 10 seconds to pause and ask this the Spirit is faithful to answer us with wisdom and the strength to move in it. Let’s give it a try…. May we walk in a kindness that builds in contagion around us.

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