Powerful Prayers for their School Year

A wise teacher makes learning a joy…Proverbs 15:2

A teacher friend from church had a beautifully creative idea she shared on our group page recently. She teaches two classes of elementary kiddos and asked friends/family to come and surround her students in prayer. Those who wanted to participate signed up for students by number (ex: Class 1 Student #20)  to pray for them through the school year. I love the heart of this gal and her wisdom to have others surround her kiddos and classroom with prayer. I love that she is allowing so many of us to be included in their year of learning together, her ability to show love to them, and her discernment to know that each of them come from different homes/struggles/and journeys that need the love of Christ.

I don’t know the name of my kiddo, but remember often student #20 and ask God to cover that little one with His love. It’s okay if I don’t know their name, the one who made them knows them full well.

The LORD called me before my birth;

from within the womb he called me by name. Isaiah 49

I hope this becomes an idea that spreads from teacher-to-teacher and schools all over. Do you teach? Do you have a teacher in your life that you could share this idea with? Prayer is a powerful tool that allows us to come before the creator of all and ask for His grace, His wisdom and His presence in our lives, what better way to cover our kiddos in the school classrooms?

If you’re not sure where to start in your prayers for students, here are a few great resources:

Faith Gateway and Crosswalk .

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