Slow to speak; Slow to anger

Last week the hubby was out spending some one-on-one time with our kiddo, I asked them to please pick me up a soda from the grocery on their way home. You know when you are just craving some caffeine? Craving some sugary calories? Needing a break from a house that keeps mostly water only in the fridge? I was full on excited when they got home to make some salty popcorn to compliment some sweet sugary root beer. When they walked in I tried to make it a casual hello without the obvious, “Where’s the root beer?”

“Oh honey I’m sorry I totally forgot. They had a deal on….blah blah blah….and I totally forgot your root beer,” my husband said with the most earnest face.

“Ok, no big deal,” I muttered and left it at that. Inside I was a bit perturbed, but thought you know I forgot things too and I won’t in fact die without this root beer tonight.

It was just a few minutes later he came into the living room and greeted me with the most bubbly, most delicious smelling full glass of root beer! “Surprise, I was only kidding, I didn’t forget you,” he beamed.

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; James 1:19

Ya’ll I almost ruined that sweet moment. I almost responded way overload for a simple forgetting of a grocery item request and barked at my husband and daughter, but instead tried to swallow it and let it go. And man I was so glad I did. The smile on his face wasn’t just the fun of surprising me with my most favorite soda, I think part of it was the kind reaction to the supposed mistake. I would have felt like such a jerk had I reacted quickly with my natural state of frustration over not getting my request met on my terms and timing.

James had it write in his letter above that we be slow to speak which often leads us to be slow to anger. Remember that whole count to three advise? I think if we are slower to speak or react then we are better able to speak out of grace, kindness and with love for others vs. our sometimes all-too-quick reaction of selfish ‘Why didn’t I get my way?’ response.

I’m remembering this now as my Root Beer Moment, if I am slower in my words they are often much sweeter, sugary and oh so delicious to those who hear and enjoy them. I want to let me words be life giving vs. life taking, slower is so much sweeter indeed.

How about you? Have you had your very own Root Beer Moment? Do you have a recent time that you slowed your response and found it easier to react in kindness?


  1. Carolyn

    Hi Monica. Love the root beer story. How this most certainly could have gone from zero to 100 so fast! Knowing oneself is so important in life. Thank you for this one. I spent so much of the first part of my God blessed marriage in the “reactionary” mode, that my loving husband never knew whether to duck for cover or embrace me with love. I have learned so much.


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