I grew up…

I grew up outside of Louisville on a farm that raised everything from chickens, cows, rabbits, ostriches, a few cats now and again and one good ole dog named Ace. My early years I was homeschooled by my Mom and we enjoyed crafting things with our hands, learning together and taking the occasional lunch break to watch an episode of The Young and The Restless.

I became big sister to my little bubba who loved JUICE and playing outside in any kind of weather condition and doing any kind of outdoor fun he and his friends could get into. I was, and still am, an avid reader, a bookworm, an indoorsy-type of girl. I did enjoy going out on the boat, camping, and all the family fun we would get into with cousins never-ending.

I grew up well loved by parents who showed an outstanding example of what it is to love others, respect your mate and serve others in love because of that same love shown to us by Jesus. I was raised Southern Baptist and grew up in Sunday School, Bible Drill, churchwide potlucks and Sunday night game nights with aunts and uncles over for soup and sandwiches quite often.

What about you? What comes to mind when you think of just a few paragraphs to share a bit about how you grew up? This whole idea was sparked by @laura.tremaine with the intention that social media can be so forced, so fake, so whatever adjective, you’d like, but often far from real. Her social media challenge this September (2018) is #10ThingsToTellYou and each day has a prompt to share as a getting-to-know-you-deeper. I’m loving the posts and getting to know some of my ‘internet’ and blog friends better. WILL YOU SHARE? Leave a comment sharing back about you either here on the blog or Follow me at The Modern Monica on Facebook or Instagram. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU on the #10Things and feel like I’m getting to know my readers too! Can’t wait…

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