If Granny had a tattoo…

Someone who has influenced me is my Granny. She was a woman who spoke kindness in every word. She loved her husband for 50+years, submitted to both him and the Lord as well as cared for him in his final days on this earth. She raised 8 children and suffered the loss of one to a car accident. She built a legacy of faith for more grandchildren, great and great- great -grandchildren that rival the sand on the shore in numbers.

Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Now Granny would never have had a tattoo, but this verse could have been tattooed on her life. She lived a life that flew these words overhead like a banner. She spoke wisdom, she spoke, “Bless her heart,” and she spoke laughter over the days to come. My mom reminds me more and more of Granny as she shares many of her gestures. My youngest girl has been blessed with many of the nurturing traits of Granny as well. I’m thankful for the small parts of her that appear in my life, she influenced me to love Christ, to love others and to walk as Christ did gentle and humble in heart.

She taught me many things through her life and example; coffee goes a lot better with a little creamer she called “foo foo”, there’s not too much in life that can’t be cheered with her chicken n dumplins, a good day usually involves sitting on a swing at some point or another, and God gave us family to cherish and enjoy good chuckles with.

Who is someone that has influenced you? This post is part of the #10ThingsToTellYou social media challenge. Join us…

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