Dropping out of Seminary was the Start of My Career

A defining moment in my life was the day I left Seminary. I had been attending Boyce Bible College part of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary right out of my high school days. I had long thought that I wanted to do International Missions and that was my degree track I was on.

Until…I wasn’t. I began to feel a tug inside that God’s plan was either different from mine or changing, or slightly tweaked….I began to feel a stir inside. I kept hearing this verse shout at me,

See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

But yeah, I had no idea what that new thing was. Perceive it? Well maybe, I dunno. Where is this going, this not knowing is a bit scary.

It was then that I began to consider what else God might be leading me to. Have you been there? Trying with everything in you, with all this existential energy, to identify your purpose? I feel ya girl and hang in there. What are the things that seem so easy to others and yet come so natural for you? What’s something that gets you fired up and you could talk about for days? Can you take those things and find someone to pay you to do it?

I don’t remember any significant day or how my parents reacted, but I decided to drop out off Seminary, work full-time to save up some money, and pursue Cosmetology school. I do remember my Seminary Speech professor encouraging me that,  Yes! He could absolutely see me working with women. Yes! He could absolutely see me starting my own salon one day. That little push, a job offer from a friend’s wife to start retail management work and get a little more experience than the current boutique I was in, and BAM! the exiting of Seminary had begun.

And you know what, I never did enroll in Cosmetology school. I began working for Ann Taylor Loft as a keyholder and now 15 years later I am absolutely on the mission that I was created for. I have the extreme honor of working with women everyday. I have the joy in serving my sisters and helping them see the beauty in which they were made. I get to help a gal find pants that make her feel awesome post-baby. It is truly my pleasure to work alongside incredible women, to bring other women confidence, a sense of self-worth and just have a good time doing it.

Sometimes dropping out of something might be the best thing you ever do.


Follow along on Instagram @themodernmonica @laura.tremaine #10ThingsToTellYou this fun post was part of Day 6 as we get a little deeper with stories that make us who we are. Join us and share your defining moment too….

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