From Busy>To Rest>>To Best

Do you ever get the chance to run in low power mode? Much like our phones have a setting to run in low power mode and save some battery life, why don’t we give ourselves that setting opportunity every now and then?

I recently started following Shelly Miller who writes a blog, lives in the UK and leads a fantastic email community called the Sabbath Society. I love her stuff! This past year has been a growth of discovering what Sabbath is, how to practice it and soaking up resources to understand why God made rest a command. Some of my favorite resources if you’re curious:

An Unhurried Life by Alan Fadling

The Rest of God by Mark Buchanon

Sabbath Keeping by Lynne Baab 

Each of these books brought me the truth of Sabbath in creation, practical ways to apply rest into my life and joy of celebrating the God who crafted us to need rest and dependence on him. There’s nothing quite like a Sunday afternoon to laze around the house, to play Boggle in an unhurried way with my daughter, to walk at the park with my hubby or to simply curl up for a good nap with no alarm clock.

shelly miller
From Shelly Miller Sabbath Society

If you’d like to explore more about the purpose and practical ways to add Sabbath and rest into your life you might enjoy Shelly’s emails, you can click here to get connected to her Sabbath Society. Currently we are walking slowly through Psalm 23 and the beauty of not having any need that our Shepherd doesn’t already know about, and the best part, He has a plan to provide for those needs out of his deep love for me as his kiddo.

What has sabbath looked like for you? Do you practice a portion of the week as a time of rest with no plans? Does rest look like something creative to you in the season of life you’re in?

Please share your thoughts that we might encourage one another as we seek after that long desired rest deep down.



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