Tracking Happy: Work Journaling

Do you keep a prayer journal? A diary? How about a work journal? I’ve kept a journal for years and years since high school days. I had never given thought to keeping a work journal until the idea came up recently in a Happier podcast from Gretchen Rubin. The idea came from a listener who suggested:

Keep a journal at work to help you assess how you feel, pause and check in. Discover patterns you weren’t aware of.

This suggestion came from the podcast’s episode around Labor Day and the focus of being happier at work and as we labor.

I was quite keen on the idea so that I could identify more about what I love in my job and then consider how I can do more of that. I’ve been enjoying noting what brought me most joy in my day and what made me frustrated after I get home and park in the garage, but before I head into the house. Something about capturing my work thoughts in a diary type note (I like to use Google Keep) is allowing me to not only see patterns of things at work, it is also helping me to find a transition from work life to my daily life when I’m off work and closing off that portion of my brain. This Work Journal is opening my eyes to see habits that make my day enjoyable and causing a hunger to add more of those items into my day. I’m finding the little irritables don’t feel like such a big deal when I type them out, but instead they feel minor compared to the great conversations, the feel-goods shared, and the moments that felt like using my talents to help someone else in their day.

How about you? Have you ever kept a work journal? Have you ever thought about jotting down the things that you loved during the work day and looking for patterns of when you most enjoy your current position? I hope this helps you to find a little more fulfillment in your daily work and increasing the things that remind you how important your role is to those you serve, and hopefully those little headaches get a back seat at the same time.


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