In Pursuit of Walden

I’ve long been enthralled with Henry Thoreau and his drawing away to the Walden pond as he filled his days with silence and solitude. After months of being at home on medical leave from my normal daily grind, I fell in love with silence again. There’s something so beautiful about sitting in contentment without music, without entertainment, and just the pure company of solitude.

I know this may sound like quite an indulgence and near impossible for many who are dreaming of a little silence today. There are diapers to be changed, lunches to be packed, clothes to be washed and then tomorrow someone will hit the repeat button.

How do we carve out glimpses of silence and solitude when we have littles tugging on our legs? How do we find an hour to spend with our thoughts when the emails don’t stop pouring in after hours?

Humility is beautiful because it saves us from ourselves. It allows us to be the limited people we are without the pressure and guilt to be more than God has created us to be. It relieves that pressure saying, ‘I have to save everyone and everything.’ —-Hannah Anderson from Journey Women Podcast episode 69

I believe this is what Jesus was getting at  in Matthew 11 when He said, “Learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart.” That verse is in the same passage as the often quoted and highly desired, “Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.”

It is in knowing our limitations. It is in recognizing our needs that we can rest in humility. When we are face to face with our own weakness, the strain on the body after endless nights without full REM, and when we find ourselves worn plumb out….we come to the end of ourselves and the beginning of Christ. He too walked in a body. He too wrestled with sleep and the body’s requirement of it. He too knows that we are human and we have limits, but what good news that His power is made perfect in our weakness.

Can I challenge you today to acknowledge some of those limits? Where can you draw boundaries and say that This. This is enough for what you can and should handle? What in your life can you begin to remove to find moments of silence even if it’s a short bath after kiddos bedtime? Who can you share with from a place of honesty and vulnerability, that you could use a hand? How can we as your sisters join you in your own gentle and humble heart and it’s pursuit of Walden?

Enjoy a moment of rest with your soul and hear what it has to say to you, even if its for 10 measly minutes, take a time out for you in quietness. In humbly admitting we can’t do it all we find the rest and calm we so long for.

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