Looking for the Lush in our Lives

If you’re like me, living in the city, it’s been awhile since we’ve laid eyes on a farm and deep rolling hills of a lush pasture. I imagine in my mind the beautiful scenes of lush Scotland the deep emerald green hills with the contrast of fluffy white sheep dotted here there and everywhere. Shelly Miller writes;

It might surprise you to know that many of the great sheep countries of the world are in dry, semi-arid climates. Brown, dusty, dry, cracked earth full of stones and detritus.

Wet, lush, and green pastures are not happenstance. In those arid climates, they require a great amount of effort by a faithful shepherd.

As I look around my home I’m surrounded by good things that my Shepherd has provided. How am I fostering a home that celebrates the lush things in life that aren’t deserved or rightfully owed to us? Life without gratitude does feel brown, dusty, dry and cracked. When I look at the gifts around me of family to laugh with, a warm home to find comfort in, talents that allow me to work and provide; I too can celebrate lush pastures even in the city that the Shepherd has guided me towards.

We are currently walking through Psalm 23 at the Sabbath Society. You guys it is soooo insanely awesome. The emails come out just simply each Friday morning so that your inbox is not overwhelmed, but I eagerly anticipate the email and then read over the thought provoking questions all week long. (You can join us by checking out Shelly’s website here.)

Today I hope you look around you to identify where you’ve been given lush versus dry. What things in your life and home can you slow to identify and thank God for? How has He provided things that seem happenstance, but truly are a gift from His sweet hand? Enjoy those sweet gifts my friend and may we find our faces turned upward to be guided by He the good Shepherd.

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